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EVANDRO TEIXEIRA – Retratos do Tempo [Portraits of Time]

This book tells the life history [80 years] and work path [50 years] of Evandro Teixeira, one of the great names of Brazilian photojournalism, who created a signature, even without ever bothering to do so. It is no coincidence that most of the collected images are true icons of Brazilian recent history.
The graphic design highlights the versatile look of Evandro Teixeira. It makes a subtle reference to the universe of the newspaper, so present in his work [in the use of black, gray and the serif typography]. It also explores his unique personality. On the cover, for example, an image of children playing in Pelourinho – a reference to the fact that Evandro is a Bahian known for his joy. The title in a frame creates a focus.
The reproduction by the Full Black® process, from Ipsis Printing Company [which uses two blacks and one gray to enhance both blacks and semitones], was an option that, on the one hand, enabled printing the project with only 3 colors and, on the other, allowed the valorization, balance, and preservation of the original characteristics and the strength of the 150 images on its pages.

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