Dupla Design


The packaging system developed for the Antonio Bernardo stores is the result of more than three years of work, from research to prototypes, including the understanding of internal processes such as distribution and storage. The current system has drastically reduced the number of box models [there were more than 80, now there are 5!] and their accessories, optimizing inventory and their usage. The material chosen for the boxes, wood lined with Kraft paper printed in brown, gave simplicity a new meaning – sophistication. In the cases, the suede makes a counterpoint to the metal of the jewels and brings the colors that vary with each season. Regarding the formal solution, the decision was to work with the minimum. To match – and value – the unique work of Antonio Bernardo we chose straight lines and cuts, inlaid fasteners and one-color printing. Simplicity by refinement, all in harmony. One language.

Dupla Design Dupla Design Dupla Design