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MAC DE NITERÓI – Niterói Contemporary Art Museum

The strategic partnership with MAC began in 1996, with the identity of the museum, in its mission to be not only a museum of contemporary art, but a living contemporary museum. In 2006, the updating of the brand and the creation of the identity of the Associação de Amigos [Association of Friends] initiated a new stage for the museum in terms of communication.
The brand escapes from the cliché of museum brands, synthesizing art and architecture. Its starting point is an outline by Oscar Niemeyer, which has been redesigned in tune with the typeface especially created for the lettering in black and red, the color of the restlessness of contemporary art and so characteristic of the architect’s work.
A free yet cohesive visual language was developed based on the concepts that anchor the brand’s singular character. Always exploring the new, seeking unusual solutions, and privileging contemporary art through a close dialogue, without losing sight of the clarity and efficiency needed for good communication.
The concepts and language of the brand have come to life in publications and products, as well as in the design of MAC’s exhibitions and communication materials. They were important tools to build and consolidate the museum’s image and have led to several prizes, both in Brazil and abroad.

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